Working with Eyelet Outlet Brads

Hugs and Kisses

Do you like quick and easy cards? Here’s an easy way to build a card in just a few short minutes.  Start with your favorite stamps to build a background. Next, add Eyelet Outlet Brads for some cuteness and color. Mount on to card stock and your done.  Quick and easy!


Brown Teddy Bears

Love Bug Brads

Mini Stitched Flower Brads in Bright

Stitched Flower Brads in Bright

Hello Handsome 2

Here’s another fun technique I’d like to share today. Find a stamp you can dress up using brads.  Add  Eyelet Outlet brads and embellish. I used a few brads to dress my frog, isn’t he cute? Then I used water color paints and a sentiment stamp to create a background.  You can do so much with these brads, the ideas are endless.  Try them out today!


Mini Bee Brads

Lip Brads

Paper Flowers-Peach Orange Dots

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!


Alice Carman

4 thoughts on “Working with Eyelet Outlet Brads

    1. Thanks Keren! They really are making a come back. I just adore them and super easy to use…KWIM? Hope you’re doing well. On my way to see your blog. I’ve been a bad friend and haven’t visited.

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