Detailz Dies by, Lifestyle Crafts

Have you tried Detailz Dies by, Lifestyle Crafts?  If you haven’t, come and see why you should have a few in your collection.




There are different ways of using the dies and this sample here shows you have you can use them.


I love that you can cut and emboss at the same time. No need to use a poker to poke out the details of the pattern.  This die cuts so nicely!

dc0464Doilies Die

These are the dies I used when creating my card and you can get these beauties by using Coupon Code CARDSBYALICE and get 20% off your order.  Check out Lifestyle Crafts today!!!

10 thoughts on “Detailz Dies by, Lifestyle Crafts

  1. love it Alice! Paper flowers are my favorite thing! It’s great that you can emboss with these dies. Did you ink up the edges of the flowers? or was that the pattern of the paper? BTW….Your new template for your blog is great too!

      1. It’s so fun to switch it up after a while! Thanks, I like my new one too. I am considering buying another premium one from the same place that made the one I have now. I need to take a screenshot to remember all the looks I’ve used. 🙂

      2. I started one, but it’s not live yet. Still working on the look and what my message is. This gives me a good idea on looks, but I’m having a hard time with the layout.
        Thanks! This is is a good start!

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