Glass Flowers from Petaloo


Do you like texture on your cards.  Here’s something you might need for your stash.


You may have seen these at your local craft store, but you don’t have a clue what to do with them? Today, I’d like to share a few ideas.


You can use the glass flowers as a center piece or as a center piece on another line of Petaloo flowers. The best way to adhere the glass flower is to use fabric glue, hot glue or high tacky glue. You can also use them with our Color Me Crazy flowers as a center and spray them with your favorite color sprays.  You’ll get loads of color and texture.


We carry them in five different colors (black, white, Aqua, Rose and Orange). The stem of the flower is flexible so you can bend it.

Glass Flowers


 Glass Flower Orange

Printed Darjeeling Wild Butterflies Aqua

Darjeeling Mini Pearl Daisies Cottage Blue

Darjeeling Mini Pearl Daisies Shabby Beige

Thanks for stopping by!

Alice 🙂

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