Please help me find a good home

My name is Louie and I’m a 4 year old Tabby.  I need your help and your love, can you help me?

I recently watched an HBO documentary called, One Nation under Dog.

I urge you only to watch this if you feel the need to be in the know, but also urge not to watch it because it was very disturbing and upsetting. I’m glad that I watched it because I have a better understanding of our systems and how it works when it comes to these poor animals.  I’ve been crying all night and day after watching the documentary and when I found out that Louie needed a home I wanted to help.

If you can do anything to help by forwarding this to anyone you know that may be interested that’s helping already.

As you can tell Louie is a fun and loving cat.  He just looking for love and a home.

Please contact me and I will forward you to the owner and information on Louie.

Thank you so much for your help!

2 thoughts on “Please help me find a good home

  1. Oh my gosh what a cutie pie he is! And what a heart of gold you have to help find him a forever home! 🙂 Ironic that I see this e-mail today as we have a teensy tiny kitten here that we found in our yard yesterday. We talked to some of the neighbors and discovered that it’s a stray along with it’s mama. We saw mama later that day and she will not let us near her. We’ve contacted our vet to borrow a trap to get her fixed. I think we’ll be keeping the baby. We have two already, but we can’t resist. 🙂

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