Red, White and Blue Fun

It’s summer time!!!  The kids are out of for the summer and there’s so much fun things to do like sleep overs, bike rides, barbeques and parties.  I wanted to make something fun today so here’s a hat you could use for your next party or use as a center piece.

I used Petaloo’s Color Me Crazy 3D foam stickers and Color Me Crazy Berry Sprays in white.

The Color Me Crazy line is made in white so you can paint, stamp, ink and emboss.  I colored all my pieces in yellow and and glitter some in silver.

Supplies I used

3D Foam Stickers

Berry Sprays

Canvas Corp Big Red and White Stripe Paper

The Petaloo Color Me Crazy collection comes in flowers, shapes, foam, fabric and canvas.  Be sure to check them out and color your way to whatever you dream up.

Have a great day!


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