I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn, part 2!

I saw this the other day and so I started to re-read the Twilight books again to get me going while I wait for the next movie.  Why does a good thing have to come to an end?  Did you run out and get this magazine?  I didn’t, but I do love the cover.

“Team Edward” card

I know it’s way too early for Halloween, but it will be here sooner than you know. Plus, I have so much to look forward to, like the next Twilight Movie!  Apologies in advance if you’re a Team Jacob fan, but you got to love Edward … he’s so dreamy!

I thought the Too Cute to Spook line from Bella Blvd is perfect for the occasion so I hope you Twilight fans will join me in making some fun Twilight cards.  In fact if you do make a card, email it to me and I will post it her on my blog.

Too Cute to Spook: Full Moon; Making the Team: Journaling Stickers; High Five Alphabets: Black-White, Green; Ciao Chip: Finally Fall

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10 thoughts on “I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn, part 2!

  1. Hehe….this is the cutest Team Edward card…I have a hard time choosing between the two…but who am I kidding, they are both HOT, young things or not…LOL

  2. Alice, I think I might be the only person who hasn’t read/seen this saga. Sad isn’t it. I can see from the photo why you would be an Team Edward fan 🙂 Love the card.

  3. I CAN”T WAIT EITHER!!! That is such a cool pic of the new Cullen family. 😉 Love that Team Edward card!! I was coming out of the grocery store parking lot the other day and I got behind this card that had a license plate frame that said Team Edward! LOL! So awesome! 🙂


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