Petaloo and Tim Holtz combo Take 2

I was so inspired with all the awesome flowers by Petaloo I wanted to make a card so you can see what other projects you can create.

I love that Petaloo’s flowers go so well with  Tim Holtz products.  It just shows how versatile Petaloo’s flowers are.  There is  something for every style.

The other great thing about Petaloo’s flowers is how they know what crafters like.  Petaloo packages their flowers in color schemes.  If you love a certain color you can have more of it in one bag.  How cool is that????

Here’s what I used.

Darjeeling – Frosted Roses x 4 Sm. – Cottage Blue

Darjeeling – Mini Pearl Daisies x 40 – Cottage Blue

Darjeeling – Butterflies x 9 – Cottage Blue

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!  Can’t wait to see what you make so feel free to share your projects with me anytime.  You never know what I might do.  I may give you goodies…hint hint.


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