How to Create a Background using Alphabets

It’s another Bella Blvd product spotlight using Bella Blvd’s High Five Alphabets!

Today, I am focusing on the new High Five Alphabet Stickers. These 12×12 sheets, full of letters and numbers, are available in 5 different color sets. The great thing about the High Five Alphas, is that you’re not just getting one size and font to work with. You’re getting FIVE different sets of alphas, in different fonts, sizes, and colors. It’s so easy to find just the perfect alpha stickers for whatever project you’re working on.

“You Are Sun Shine” card, by Alice Carman.

I love text on paper so using today’s challenge I made my own text with Bella Blvd’s High Five Alphabets as my background paper. To create this look, cut out a circle. Next, line up rows of random letters across the circle. Then cut away letters that hang off the circle. This is a great way to use up the left over letter stickers we don’t use.

Sunshine & Happiness: Happy Clouds, Cute Cuts; Baby Boy: Heaven Scent, Borders; Ciao Chip: Clouds; High Five Alphabet Stickers: Black-White

“Hi” card, by Alice Carman.

Here’s another fun way to use your High Five Alphabets. Line up words of the same meaning and change-up the colors like you see here. Add a few strips and ribbon and you have something cute and fun.

Sunshine & Happiness: Borders; Baby Boy: Cute Cuts; High Five Alphabet Stickers: Black-White, Green, Yellow

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