Bella Blvd Border Strips

Border Strip papers are right up there with the Cute Cuts in my book! You get so much on just one sheet of paper! When I see these sheets I immediately want to cut it apart, but you don’t have to. You could use the whole sheet as a background. A little too busy? Tone it down with some paint or spray. Is there one strip right in the middle you want to use? Cut it out and use it!  Border Strips are also great for cards. You can get a little bit of pattern without having to cut into a full sheet.

“So Happy For You” card

For this card I cut out the flowers from the pattern and adhered it in clusters alongside the Bella Blooms. The technique layering the border strips against each other using different patterns and clusters.

Baby Girl: Borders, Daddy’s Girl; Baby Boy: Cute Cuts; Unity Stamps: So Happy For You; Baby Blooms a Bella: Rossini, Champagne, Azzini

“Congratulations” card

Today’s challenge is to use the border papers creatively and it was a task indeed. I think my take on the challenge is simple, but also something different. I used different patterns as my borders and cut the paper according to the design so it differs from a straight cut.

Baby Boy: Borders, Cute Cuts, On The Go; Unity Stamps: New Set Of Wheels; Sunshine & Happiness: Happy Clouds

Bella Blvd Border Strips:

Sunshine Happiness Collection Border

Baby Girl collection Border

Baby Boy collection Border

Thanks for visiting and I’ll be back with more to cards to share.  Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Bella Blvd Border Strips

  1. Love your use of those strips – beautiful card with the flowers, fabrics and button centers! I never think of using border strips other than for…borders!

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