Tuesday Inspiration with Bella Blvd

Welcome to another Tuesday Inspiration day! Inspiration is all around us, and it’s so interesting to pull an image and create something totally different.  Sometimes you need a little inspiration and it helps to have a place to get it from.  Today I’m making a card using the following picture.

“Loads Of Love” card.

From the Inspiration Image I used the colors to create a card. Don’t you just love this color combo? I used the blues, pink and the browns to create my card. I know my blues are a bit deeper in tone, but it still works. To create my card I used Bella Blvd’s Estate Sale and Lovey Dovey collection to tie it all together. Have you tried mixing two Bella Blvd collections together? That’s the great part about Bella Blvd’s product, you can mix and match across all the collections. I just love it!

Estate Sale: Hat Box, Linens; Lovey Dovey: Alpha+Bits, Bear Hugs, Circle of Love, Love is in the Air, Sweetheart, Boarders N Blocks

Thanks for visiting today and I hope I encouraged you to try mixing Bella Blvd paper.  If yo tried it out come and share your projects with Bella Blvd on their Facebook page.  Can’t wait to see what you create.  Have a great day!

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