Day 3 and Last Day at Scrapfest.

My last day at Scrapfest was bittersweet.  Sad that we were leaving, but happy that I get to see my Family.  It’s been a long road to get here and and fast one too!  Hours and hours of preparation from kitting to designing.  The out come was incredible and the best part was making everyone happy.  I loved that we introduced so many people to Petaloo products and that they love the DAZZLERS!

This was my last day teaching on the stage.  I was a little nervous my first day on this stage so you could hardly hear me, but I quickly got over my stage fright.

It’s so funny to see myself in these photos because I rarely take pictures of myself anymore.  I can’t help being round, but if you ask any crafter it’s the first shape we are drawn to.

Oh dear, I seriously need Weight Watchers…LOL.  Holy cow, this is not a flattering picture of me, but at least I’m doing something I passionately love, card making!

Classes were located all around the mall so I had 3 stations I had to be at for my class.  This class was right in the middle of the mall so it was really cool to be in an area among the shoppers too.

I love happy people.  It makes my job easier when I see smiley faces and that I created something they love.

Wow check out that ring!  Isn’t that so cute?  She made this out of paper and it looks like leather.  I had to take a picture of this and share.  Way cool!  Who says paper crafting isn’t fun?

This stage was reserved for the BIG names in our industry like, Tim Holtz who’s class size was 100.  This was really cool to see up close!

Lots of shopping a great deals at Scrapfest too, but I didn’t have much time to do that.  Look at all the goodies!

Here’s a picture of Cheryl Cohen and I standing in front of Archivers Petaloo display and all the yummy Petaloo goodies.  Dazzlers are fun to use!

Here’s the display of all the classes taught at Scrapfest.  If there wasn’t a red sticker on your project that meant that the class was SOLD OUT.  I couldn’t believe it when I heard it so I had to get a close look to see for myself.  This was the highlight of my day to see and know this…giggle.

Check out the amusement park right in the middle of the mall.  What a awesome place to be, especially if you have $$$$ to burn…LOL!  I was a good girl and didn’t spend too much…giggle.  I bought a new messenger bag, make up from Bare Essentials (MY FAVE) and some new shoes for my sore feet.

It was time to go home, but looking back at all the happy faces and meeting so many people who craft regardless what type is so worth the work.  I will never forget my journey here and will always remember it as a highlight in my life.  BIG THANK YOU to Petaloo for making my dreams come true and for believing in me and taking a chance.  You’re the best!

One thought on “Day 3 and Last Day at Scrapfest.

  1. Alice you have much talent and I am very proud of your success….. Stop being hard on yourself you are such a beautiful person and I love ya my friend 😀

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