Scrapfest, Day One.

It’s been an amazing first day here at the Mall of America in Minnesota.  If you haven’t been to the Mall of America, you must go! There’s an amusement park right in the middle of the whole and mall.  I think they have every store known to Woman.  It’s the biggest mall I’ve ever been to and I heard it would take 3 days to cover the entire mall…3 days!

I’m here at the Mall of America to teach at Scrapfest.  Scrapfest is a scrapbook convention held by Archivers, nation’s largest Scrapbook retailer.

My first day I taught 3 classes!  We had amazing turnout and I was just so humble by the people who attended.  We had to turn people away because we didn’t have enough kits for last minute signups.  I almost feel like a rock star knowing this…LOL.

I’m just glad that I had great product to use like Petaloo and Creative Imaginations.

Here’s the awesome participants that so bravely took my class…LOL

Not everyone participated in the photo, but we had some brave individuals taking photos with me.

I finished the day at 5PM and I’m so tired!

Time for wine and some yummy food for my tummy.  Thanks for visiting and I’ll have more pictures and updates as to what I’m doing and what I’ve seen.

Have a great day!

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