Bella Blvd’s, Midterm Collection

Today is the first day of CHA and there’s already a buzz in the air.  The buzz I hear is calling out for Bella Blvd’s Midterm collection.  Have you seen this?  It’s super duper fun.  I love the colors and style and not only is it school related, but it could be used towards anything really.

Here’s my card using Bella Blvd’s Midterm collection:

Thanks for following along these past few days.  If  you are at CHA come visit their booth #1943.  It’s a great release and I hope I’ve done them justice.  Also everything you have seen here thus far was designed for Bella Blvd.  If  you’re at CHA and happen to run across their booth take pictures for me please!  Thank you Bella Blvd for your generosity and for giving me a chance to shine for a few days.  It’s been so nice to share my work using your awesome product!

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