New from Petaloo

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great week.  Just recently return from CHA and I’m so JAZZED about all the new product hitting our LSS (local scrapbook stores) in the next month or so.  It was an incredible show.  I didn’t get to see much at CHA, but what I did see I fell in love with.  I worked the show more than attended, but it was sooooo worth it.

I did demonstrations for the folks at Petaloo during CHA at their booth and met so many people.  I think there are some pictures of me floating out there  in the scrapbooking blog world.  It was so cool to be photographed.  I felt like a Rock Star!

Here’s what I made for Petaloo:

I’m floored by the new collections Petaloo has release this year.  It’s totally different from anything out there and oh so BEAUTIFUL.  I can’t thank you enough Petaloo for believing in me and for giving this nobody a chance to be somebody for a brief moment.  Cinderella eat your heart out!

Jeff and Cheryl, Owners and Sweethearts, you’re the best!  Thank you so much!!!!

I”ll be back again with more CHA news later on this week.  Got to get back to the creative grind.  I’m working on my next class…STAY TUNED!

As always, thank you for visiting and LOVE one another.

Alice 🙂

4 thoughts on “New from Petaloo

  1. Your cards and tags are so unique Alice…you are seriously creative and I’ve been a fan since day one!

    Petaloo was fun wasn’t it?

    1. Totally worth it and I love Petaloo! I was so glad to find out we got to do demos together and you rock Nicole! I love you girl! You have always supported me and I so appreciate it.

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