Art, Heart & Healing

My friend from Creative Imaginations Design Team, Lori Gentile posted this on her blog a week ago.  I am just so excited to share this with you as well.  I have signed up and I hope you will too.

Lori  I copied your blog post to share with everyone, hope you don’t mind me passing the word on.

I want to share a class with you that I’m just super excited about. This sweet gal named Tam, is running a class mid-October for FREE. Is that crazy? Actually, I think she’s super generous and rather smart. I had never heard or her or seen her work before my friend linked this video on facebook. I adore all things mixed media and if you add healing and whimsical into the equation, well I just can’t help myself.

This has been an incredibly difficult summer for me, so, the timing for this free healing/art class is perfect and so greatly needed.

I want to share it with all of you. I hope to see you over there taking this journey with me. From the looks of Tam’s site, I’ll be there plenty after this class, as well.

Take a look at her video description of the class. I’d love to hear what you think and whether or not you are planning to join me.

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