Chi Chi Memories

I’ve got some really exciting news to share with you!  Over the weekend, Natalie Tong the owner and designer from Chi Chi Memories asked me to be part of her wonderful company.  Chi Chi Memories is a digital stamp company.  Digital stamps?  Here’s how it works.  All the stamps are digital images like clip art.  Once you made your purchase, you can re-size the image and then print it out.  You could print it onto card stock, stamp paper or whatever paper you normally would use to create with.   The best part is you get to color  with your Copics or maker of choice.  You could also use glitter, powder emboss and cut it out just like you would when you use stamps .  I really like the digital part because at times the stamps don’t give a clear image where as a digital one will.  The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a little sample by Natalie Tong on how to use the Chi Chi Memories digital stamps;

BTW…there’s a sale so come check it out!

I will be designing with Chi Chi Memories Digital Stamps real soon so check back in a few.

As always, have a great day!

Alice Carman

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