My Weekend at Reflections

As you may have heard I recently attended Reflections in Newport Beach, CA.  What an amazing weekend and pack full of fun and goodies too.  Susan and Karen really know how to put on a party!  We had 7 classes put on by amazing woman who are top in their game.  Here’s a few photos of what we made over the weekend at Reflections.

I didn’t post all the classes, but you get the idea from looking at the pictures how amazing these projects were and the stories behind every inspired class.   The teachers at Reflections were Debee Campos, Danielle Flanders, Katie Watson, Maggie Holmes, Kelly Purkey, Kelly Goree and Elizabeth Kartchner.  We were given lots of time to complete our projects, but you all know when you attend these classes you are so involved with the techniques and meeting the teachers that you don’t get everything completed and that’s okay.  Each class comes with detail instructions and color photos so you don’t feel like you missed anything important in class.

Also I would like to thank Lisa Soares for the pictures I used.  Thanks Lisa!

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