Reflections 2010!!!

Have you heard about Reflections?  Well…if you haven’t, you should!  Reflections is a new and upcoming retreat in Newport Beach, CA.  This will be the 2nd year and it keeps getting better.  To learn more about Reflections please go to or call the Scrapbook Oasis at 1 949-756-2729.

Last year I was honored to help my good friend Ly Le from Lytlyscrapper with her make and take for the Make and Take night.  This year I am honored again, but i get to teach my very own make and take.  For more information about the Make and Take night, call the Scrapbook Oasis for details.

Looking forward to seeing all your smiley faces!

One thought on “Reflections 2010!!!

  1. Hey Alice. I just wanted to make sure I found you. It was very nice to meet you at Reflections. I will have to make it down to “The Garden” and see you in action.
    I will be in touch. Take care.

    Go Hobo

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