Too Early for Halloween?

I know it’s WAY to early for Halloween, but I couldn’t help myself! If you know me personally, Halloween is a huge holiday for me…I love it! I had some left over paper from last year and I figure why not use it since we won’t be seeing any Halloween supplies until late August. Plus it’s a great way to get the creative juice going. If you read my last blog you’ll understand why I need the creativity flow. Here’s a card I made using Making Memories Paper, Karen Foster, stamps, stickers and ribbon.

3 thoughts on “Too Early for Halloween?

  1. this is the best Haloweenie card I have ever seen ! My entire family just got off the couch ( in the middle of a chiller movie and pizza ) to look at your cards online and everyone stayed and ohhed and ahhed and all agreed this card was beyond ” c’est bonne !
    namaste and love,
    an ” amazed. ” mother/wife/ameteur and truly humbled card maker.

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