My Favorite Place To Be

I can’t think of any other place to be these days than my favorite scrapbooking store, the Scrapbook Garden. It’s the place where all my friends and I gather at, the place where we meet new people with common interest, where we exchange information on the latest and greatest crafts ideas and tools.

Life is too short, so I’d rather enjoy what I have because you certainly can’t take it with you.

Here’s some photos I’d like to share with you from the place I like to call home, the Scrapbook Garden.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Place To Be

  1. Your pictures are totally awesome, but I gotta tell ya…in the very first one, it looks like Ly is wearing mouse ears!!

  2. I love the cards almost as much as I love the artist and I think it’s quite appropo that Ly has mouse ears and that beautiful blonde must be Alice In Wonderland which just goes to show you Niclole….fantasy land does exsist at the scrapbook garden….and Ly has all the cuteness to be Minnie Ly Mouse.
    I love this site and I am going to forward it everywhere…and happy birthday little guy….your parents are soooooooooooooooooo proud.
    love sweetpea

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