About Me…



Hello my name is Alice Carman and I love to make cards!  My journey started about 8 years ago at a local stamp store down the block from my home.  At first I wasn’t sure what I just walked in to.  There were stamps, paper, stickers, markers, glue, glitter and lots of other interesting items hanging on displays.  I took another glance and for a brief moment I froze and zoomed in to look at THE MOST BEAUTIFUL card I have ever laid eyes on.  There was a butterfly made of feathers with glittery effects that shimmered in the light and at that moment I asked myself can I do that?  Of course it took awhile for me to find my own style, but with some persuasion from some loving friends, I found a calling.  Since then I have been designing cards and teaching card making classes at a local scrapbook store.  Creating cards is a hobby that encompasses many of my interests Paper, Stickers, Stamps, Ribbon, Brads and Buttons; all the ingredients that make up the recipe of a perfect card.  I love card making!

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